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Hydro35® Foam with Proderm Technology® — Tough on the Rough Stuff

Hydro 35® contains 35% urea to provide enhanced skin shedding and skin softening in hyperkeratotic (dry skin) disorders including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, xerosis, ichthyosis eczema, and keratosis, as well as corns and calluses and damaged, ingrown, and devitalized nails.

A four-week, open-label study was conducted involving 12 patients with xerosis of the foot, including six subjects with diabetes, who were treated with 35% urea in a water-lipid-based foam delivery system containing lactic acid (Hydro 35®). Ten patients completed the study, with the following results:

hydro35-HeelBefore   hydro35-HeelAfter
Note: Individual results may vary


  • Significant median improvement in several signs and symptoms of xerosis including redness, scaling, cracking, and itching
  • No patient-reported adverse reactions occurred during this trial, including those with diabetes


  • Hydrating foam is non-greasy and alcohol-free
  • Leave-on foam spreads easily, penetrates and vanishes quickly
  • Patented Proderm Technology® replenishes skin lipids and helps restore the natural skin barrier
Hydro35® is also supplied as Salvax Duo Plus® (Supplied in a duo-pak containing: 1 Hydro 35 Foam 150gm and 1 Salvax Foam 70gm)

Ask your doctor today whether Hydro35® featuring Proderm Technology® is right for you.

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