Our Technologies

Proderm Technology® Delivery System

Proderm Technology® Delivery System is a versatile drug delivery platform which facilitates the topical delivery of pharmaceutical agents. Marketed in cream, lotion, and foam formulations, Proderm Technology® consists of a unique chemical structure that facilitates superior penetration of drug ingredients into the dermal layer with a cosmetically elegant feel. The intellectual property underlying the Transdermal System is patent protected under U.S. Patent 5,993,830.

Proderm Technology® is utilized in our Ecoza™, Neosalus®, Salvax®, and Hydro® brands.


Microcyn® Technology

Microcyn® Technology is a proprietary process involving a unique, patented electrochemical treatment of a saline solution. The result is a pH neutral solution of hypochlorous acid, and its sodium salt, hypochlorite. Hypochlorous acid is a natural product the human body produces in response to injury.

In 2011, Exeltis USA entered into agreements with Oculus Innovative Sciences to obtain marketing rights for several skin and wound care products utilizing Microcyn® Technology.